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Fat Transfer

Every adult human being has a fixed number of fat cells distributed in varying thickness through out the body. This variable distribution of fat cells in the body is mostly genetically determined and is unique to each individual person. It is the reason why people look different in shape and structure. Sometimes this difference in structure explains some of the cultural and behavioral characteristics of people. Fat cells in the body serve multiple functions including the reservoir that stores fat. When there is a surplus of caloric intake in the body due to extra food or drink, the body chemically transforms the surplus foods in the body into fat. This surplus fat is then packed or parked into the fat cell. So a fat cell works like the parking spot of the fat in the body.

During liposuction fat cells are permanently removed from a certain area. This means that concentration or number of fat cells in that particular area has decreased. This decrease in the number of fat cells could be a lot or a little, depending on how aggressive the liposuction was. If a person has surplus fat in their body that needs to park or stored in the fat cells then this surplus fat has less parking spaces to be stored in the particular area where liposuction has occurred because the fat cells have been removed from that area. So the area of the body that had liposuction will gain less fat than other parts of the body that did not get liposuction. We use this selective fat filling as a way to sculpt and contour the body. So by removing more fat cells from the sides we get an hourglass curvy shaped body that is permanent. Similarly, if we perform liposuction to the love handles and reduce the number of fat cells from that area then we get a small waist line which greatly enhances the shape of the buttocks. The live fat cells harvested during liposuction can then be transferred, implanted, grafted, or transplanted into any other part of the body The live fat cells liposuctioned can be transferred to the face to fill facial wrinkles or lines, rejuvenate the face, augment or elevate the cheeks, augment or enlarge he chin, the upper or lower lips fill any hollowness under the eyes, augment and fill the eyebrows and fill the temples on the sides of the eyebrows and many others.

Fat transfer to breasts. 

Live fat cells can also be transfered to the breasts to increase the breast size by one to two cups, and make the breasts more natural full and perky. Sometimes we add fat to one breast only in case people have different size breasts in order to reach a more symmetrical and even size breasts. It important to note here that Fat transfer to the breasts does not give a dramatic lift, and does not make the breasts erect forward. Every person who is above the age of 40 must get a screening mammogram to exclude any preexisting breast pathology prior to getting cosmetic or plastic surgery to their breasts

Fat transfer to the calf.

Another place live fat cells can be transfered to is the calfs. Fat transfer to the calfs of the legs makes fuller and bigger calfs and gives a beautiful heavier sculpted leg shape.

Fat transfer to outerthighs

Similarly live fat cells can be transfered to the outer thighs to give a heavier more feminine curvy sculpted look and to enhance the hour glpro ÷÷shape and curves.

Fat transfer to inner thighs

Live fat cells can also be transfered the inner thighs if needed, the buttocks or any part of the buttocks like the hips on the sides, the lower butt to make them round and bubble shape, or the upper part of the butt to give the pro.

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