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Brazilian Butt Lift NYC

Beauty standards and values are changing rapidly in our society. The old standard of beauty where a woman’s body is pencil like thin with no curves or no contours are on its way out. Many of today’s women want a body with full prominent lifted breasts, a sculptured curvy contoured shape with hourglass curves, a small tiny waistline, prominent full hips, a flat back with no rolls and a sink in the lower back that dives in before a plump and relatively large round bubble like butt protrude outwards.

According to Dr. Ayman Shahine “beauty today is not about being skinny or thin without curves or shape, rather it’s about being full, contoured, curvy and voluptuous. Dr. Ayman Shahine has perfected the art, science, medicine, and surgery of sculpting a woman’s body by selectively removing or adding the natural body fat where it’s needed, and in some cases when fat not available use other ethically and legally approved medical grade synthetic implants. It is very rare and unusual for the woman’s body to spontaneously acquire a flat stomach, curves, and a voluptuous look.

At every stage of its development, a woman’s body undergoes dramatic changes in fat distribution and shape due to growth, maturation and the variation in natural body hormones. Dr. Ayman Shahine, a board certified ob-gyn for over twenty years, has received additional and advanced training and education in cosmetic science, medicine, and surgery. His extensive training and experience in ob-gyn and cosmetic surgery allow him to really understand the basic endocrinological, anatomical, psychological, biological, and cosmetic changes that a woman’s body go through from pre-birth till old age.

This deep understanding of a female body physiology, psychology, and anatomy, extensive major surgical experience, and the use of advanced and top of the line lasers and machines are the secrets behind the beautiful cosmetic outcome a woman gets in Dr Shahine’s hands. Dr. Shahine’s patients call his technique of sculpting and contouring a woman’s body as described above the Perfect Silhouette.

We have found out that this contoured voluptuous curvy figure, The ‘Perfect Silhouette’ shape, that so many of today’s women so desire makes a woman’s body really very sexy and attractive. Patients have almost unanimously reported that their new sculpted Perfect Silhouette shape by Dr.Ayman Shahine has made them really feel good about themselves, and tremendously boosted their self-confidence and esteem.

It is also reported that perfect Silhouette shape in a woman almost always induces admiration and awakens certain subliminal and subconscious desires and instincts of lust in people around Perfect Silhouette shaped persons.

Brazilian Butt Lift NYC
Brazilian Butt Lift NYC