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Celebrity “Tiny”, Tameka Harris an accomplished Emmy singer, actor, and performer had multiple surgeries with big shot Des in Atlanta and other places which gave her unsightly scars, skinny shape and no curves or shape using his invention, the “Perfect Silhouette” technique, under the SAFETY of limited local anesthesia and minimally invasive lipo could sculpt her body and give her the curvy small waistline and hourglass shape she always wanted She graciously agreed to share her pictures and experience with us.

Tameka Harris Smartlipo Cosmetic Surgery

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The Perfect Silhouette is a type of body sculpture that involves breasts enhancement with either lift, either saline, silicone, anatomical, or gummy bear implant, fat transfer, breasts reduction by liposuction, or traditional breasts reduction, liposuction or liposculpture with body contouring Fat transfer. Brazilian butt lift, butt augmentation, buttock enlargement, butt enhancement. Brazilian butt lift, buttock augmentation, enlargement, or butt enhancement is a relatively modern procedure where live fat cells are collected from a part of the body are then transferred, grafted or transplanted into the butt or part of the butt to change its shape or to enlarge a certain part or side, fill it, to fill a dent in it or to cause the whole buttock be more plump and lifted. Filling fat in the butt causes it to lift and protrude. Therefore, The Brazilian butt lift procedure is a misnomer because in reality it is a type of butt augmentation or enlargement procedure using your own natural live fat cells to augment and therefore lift the buttocks in a way like filling a bag or a balloon, the more you fill the bag or balloon more it’s lifted. Sometimes it is necessary to liposuction a part of the buttock in order to decrease the size of the buttocks or to shrinking in order to enhance its shape and contour.

For a person to get the contoured lifted full bubble butt it is important to shape the area of the lower back and love handles. Liposuction to the lower back love handles, and sides give a very attractive beautiful curvy and contoured Silhouette and shapely butt.

How does the body deal with fat? What is fat transfer?

In order to better understand the dynamics of liposuction with all its types from smart lipo, laser lipo, tickle lipo, lipo transfer and other types of liposuction, fat transfer and fat grafting, Brazilian butt lift, butt augmentation, or buttocks enlargement it is very important to first understand the anatomy and physiology of fat and fat cells in the body.

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Brazilian Butt Lift NYC
Brazilian Butt Lift NYC
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Brazilian Butt Lift NYC
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Premiere New York City award winning cosmetic surgeon of 15 years, Dr. Ayman Shahine developed innovative techniques of liposuction, liposculpture, laser and smart lipo, Fat harvesting and fat grafting resulting in very beautiful curvy body with tight skin and a nice waist line with natural looking curves.

The fat can be grafted and transplanted almost anywhere in the body including buttocks, calf, face or anywhere else. He invented his technique of Brazilian butt lift.

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